My new understanding of material culture and values

After being in Marrakesh I learnt a lot about the Muslim culture, traditions and rituals. Being surrounded by a population from completely different backgrounds or religions and constantly experiencing the music, food, material goods, colours, patterns, people and language really taught me about the difference between my home and theirs. For the Moroccan people every thing was precious and valuable to them – worth something to them in money form, to sell to tourists or to eat to survive etc. It made me think about our throw away culture and the way we are very materialistic in the way in some cases all people may think about is the newest iPhone, the clothes they buy or the fashionable objects around them. But in Marrakesh it was more about hand-crafted artefacts, using skills and expertise to make things to sell to earn a living. Their religion and culture also was widely used in the object there, text or symbols which were  intertwined into all the patterns, architecture and souvenirs- which we wouldn’t have often in the UK. There was the sense of pride in the making of material goods and of the tradition religious buildings, but also a sense of desperation in the selling of materials. Objects would be forced towards me to buy, constantly asked to look at the sellers art, jewellery or other object and they would try anything for me to buy something from them. This shows such a contrast to home for me, the divide between the amount of money and security countries have and how it affects consumerist culture.


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