Image Collaging for Subject

After looking at the photographs from Centre Parc, looking at the combination between landscape and close up image, as well as contrast between natural and man-made, I wanted to carry this on with images I took in Morocco. Combining images of plants and leaves with graffiti or contrasting images, and close up details of the main image, I want to explore texture and depth.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have enjoyed splitting objects into natural and man-made, thinking about the way that the growth of plants and landscape (even if original made by man) is spontaneous and unpredictable, sprouting in all directions with different marks and patterns and textures. However, artificial and man-made things are planned out to some degree, carefully thought out, cut, colours and built to fit a purpose.

This work is taking a big leap from the sculptural drawings and fabric work I was previously looking at for field. However, I feel as if it all links as I am still flattening the subject by using image, but trying to give it more depth by delving close up to the object and creating contrast and texture. Just like I was drawing sculptural shapes and objects, but using the addition of lines to pull the image forward.


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