Symbols and Pattern in Morocco

With the use of symbols and patterns to create art, rather than human figures and imagery, Arabic script, mosaic tiles and symbols were everywhere.

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Some of these images are quite unclear to the we were always on the move and surrounded by people.

Here you can see the complexity of all the symbols and texts that appear everywhere, such a contrast to the appearance of the UK – with little use of religious text and things kept to a minimum.

I also found some graffiti like images in the interior of a museum we visited. Although this kind of thing cover the streets of Cardiff and every other city, it was a shock to see in such a religious and detailed designed palace that used to be used as a Mosque.  img_2440img_2464img_2465img_2466img_2467img_2452img_2453

This inspired some of my drawings created out there, over laying Arabic script with drawings of every day objects or shapes, patterns intertwined with people or artefacts. I love how in these images, just looking closer in creates small patterns and pieces of work.



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