Morocco Trip Itinerary


Day 1 – Tuesday 24th January

Travel from Cardiff to Marrakesh.

Day 2 – Wednesday 25th January:

Guided tour scheduled for the day. Hopefully I will visit some places I have a particular interest in and go back to later on in the week.

Day 3 – Thursday 26th January

Majorelle Gardens – A site dedicated to the French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962), who bought the four acre plot of land in 1923 in Marrakech. It contains his paintings, decorative arts and architecture, artisanal pieces – and shows off his passion in botany – the garden accompanying his work as an artist.

I have researched the gardens and am interesting in the vibrant blue and ochre colours he uses – a stark contrasts to the deep reds and browns associated with morocco. I’m hoping the contrast between natural landscape and manmade buildings/architecture will link well to previous ideas and inspire my work.

Café clock workshops – Islamic Calligraphy workshop – (calligraphy meaning ‘Beautiful Writing’). I want to do this as I have an interest in the use of ink and pens in my work and it would be an amazing opportunity to learn about the tradition of this ancient writing.

Day 4 – Friday 27th January

Visit ‘the day centre for handicapped women’ – learn about embroidery and the creative activities that the women do there. This is a good way of getting work experience and meeting new people from the town that we wouldn’t otherwise.

Gallery trips – Matisse Gallery which is only a 40 minute walk from the hotel and shows work by the famous artist Henri Matisse. I am very excited to see his work in the flesh.

Day 5 – Saturday 28th January

OAPAM School for the blind – a visit to meet the students at this school which has a sensual garden to interest the children in creative tasks such as gardening, with interesting smells and surfaces to affects all the senses. This will be a unique experience and will hopefully bring excitement into the students day when we visit.

Camel Riding – I haven’t yet researched into this but it is something I have never had the opportunity to do and could be fun – maybe not as inspiring as the other trips but it would be nice to do a leisure activity. I would also like to look round the Souk (markets) to learn about the culture of buying and selling objects – as well as take photographs of the people (if I can get permission) for future portraiture work.

Henna workshop – Another workshop where I could learn about a skill used often in Morocco, further research into the culture of the country as well as the patterns and designs used in art. I have used henna before on my own and other people hands and have some experience so Its not completely new to me but I would love to see the artworks used to create the delicate patterns.

Day 6 – Sunday 29th January

Museum and Mosk visits – I haven’t yet found enough information for this far along in the trip but I will get information when I am there. I want to visit the more religious and historical areas of Marrakesh, as well as have time to explore more around the Medina (walled town), create drawings and take photographs. This will be a day spent nearer the hotel doing things I haven’t yet done much of.

Day 7 – Monday 30th January

Menara Gardens -an ancient olive grove containing a landscaped garden with a large pond in the centre – creating a peaceful area away from the busy city. This garden has been around for over 700 years and is known for being a place to take quiet walks and enjoy the landscape. This would be a good place to create sketches for future work.

Bahia Palace – A collection of houses built over 6 years  by the Moroccan architect El Mekki on behalf of the Grand Vizier Ba Ahmed ben Moussa said Hmad (1841-1900). It holds traditional tiling, artworks and architecture often recognised as Moroccan art which will be inspiring to see in person to fuel ideas for work when I return. Again, there will be a contrast between the garden and landscape and the man made work created by El Mekki.

Group Meal and Belly Dancing – a good way to socialise and share ideas or experiences from the trip as well as being entertained by music and dancers from the local area. 

This is a rough idea of what I want to do in Marrakesh – some suggestions from the tutors – but also my own research into places that will interest me.




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