Photo Collages of Macro Images

Natural elements from subjects or the landscape contrasting with man-made, artificially produced textures that either show similar composition or oppose the natural image.

Metal from chair leg (with raindrops on) and Hair from the dog
Cigarette end and the End of twigs
Plaited hair and Shoelaces
Skin creases from my hand with Poppadom surface
Surface of a lime and the Surface of a wine bottle
Moss from a tree trunk and the Wall of our villa
Freckled skin and Outdoor material
Plaited hair and Cigarette ends
Curled up hand and Chocolates
Soft skin and Sand under layer of water
Creases from the palm of my hand and Scrunched up gold metal
Creases of my hand and Folded fabric
Sofa leather and Skin texture from my hand

I’m really pleased with the results of this first experiment, I feel the way some of the images contrast extremely in actual substance or appearance from far away yet also hold similar qualities is fascinating. For example, my favourite two would be the cigarette ends contrasting with the soft plait of hair, and the same with the hair contrasting with the laces in my shoe. Also this last image, the mottled fabric of a leather sofa and the creases of a hand have little difference yet are largely contrasting in reality.


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