Macro and Wide Lense Photography Experiments- Centre Parcs Holiday

Recently I’ve visited Centre Parcs with my family and after recently getting attachable lenses for my iPhone I wanted to experiment with the lenses and make the most of the landscape and photographing opportunities around me.

I also remembered the Prembrokeshire project and looked back on the drawings we did, looking at the background of the landscape and a close up detailed section (found through a view finder) and having them combined, experimenting with the close up as the background also – 

I have been looking at natural elements around me such as leaves, skin, water, hair etc, but also landscapes as a whole which have man-made/artificial ‘objects’ in them, with the plan to compare and contrast these. I also like the comparison between close up images of features from people – hair, the pattern of skin, eyes – and then placing them next to images of nature. This represents the closeness we have to nature all the time, the delicacy and beauty of naturally grown things around us.

Macro Images of People:

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Macro Images of the Landscape (Natural):

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Macro of man-made/artificial objects:

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