Collages – Manipulation of figure and composition

I’ve been using figure recently in collaging and covering clothing with unrelated patterns of collage to the magazine models- thinking about exaggerating the expression of the subject or playing with contrast between landscape and figure as well as pattern with portraiture.

I like the contrast between nature and posing models – the fake and designed compared to natural environment or patterns – also looking at taking away identity or clothing.

I’m thinking of going more into portraiture on my next project – colour and culture of Morocco and combining portraiture with the patterns and architecture in Morocco and then contrasting this with the patterns and architecture from around Cardiff.

Also I have been experimenting with not sticking to square or rectangle pieces of work but changing the borders of composition to create new pieces that have interesting angles or collages overlapping the page.

I feel as if the collage project is bringing out new ideas and using random or unpredicted images I find to generate plans for work I would not make otherwise. I like the way that each collage is unique in combination and as each one is made I manipulate them to make new ideas and end up with pieces I wouldn’t expect. It’s bringing out much more creativity in me and making me think of different topics to explore throughout this year.


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