More collage experiments

This piece involves an intense glare from the portrait combined with concealed, maybe self-conscious arms-a contrast between figures. I’m not pleased with this piece but I am planning on improving on the circular use of lines in the study, similar to research for my field project on contour lines.
Here I wanted to connect the expanse between things. Between one object to another – using collage.This gives a sense of depth and pull between the subjects. I’m pleased with this and I feel it exaggerates the extremely slim and angular models used in magazines – using lines extend the legs etc.
This I feel is most successful so far. Removing the face and therefore identity, we then focus just on the body/clothing of the model – maybe looking into the fashion industry and the repetitive images of similar looking models and lack of personality or variety. Here the vibrant red pen exaggerates the slim body shape of the woman. I’m really liking the combination of blue and vibrant red that contrast- inspired by one of Barbara Hepworths sculptures shown before, and same colours used in┬áprevious work.

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