Review of Field – Things Behind The Sun

I found the field project ‘Things Behind the Sun’ very informative to my practice as well as my ideas that became part of the Subject project: Exploring Objects. Going on the trip to Pembroke-shire was one of the most influencing parts of the project as being in the landscape and rural environment affected how my work resulted – for instance, the challenge to create 100 small drawings during the 4 day trip meant fast, direct studies and as the trip went on my style of drawing developed, and I learnt that Landscape can mean many things and subjects around us. For example I even started studying objects and shoes around people, the students silhouettes and the simple shapes of rocks. These drawings then influenced my prints, paintings and sketches created from them in workshops, reworked and redrawn to create new pieces. I feel being in a project where the tutors organised workshops where we had to display our work and talk about it was challenging but was very engaging and let us all share ideas, get feedback and question our work. Being left to our own devices and being independent is helpful also, however, having set plans and goals to complete really pushes you further as an artist.

I then chose to do printing as my material practice part of the project which I was really happy with having the opportunity to do. I probably wouldn’t have used the printing workshop without it as I don’t have much experience. I found it really exciting using ink in mono-printing, instead of mainly using pen and it really affects the outcome of the studies. Using both mono-printing  and dry point printing was good to experiment with as I could compare the two different processes and how it affecting my drawings. I then started involving colour, creating coloured plates to use as backgrounds for drawings and also using the rolled out accidental ink to be printed onto the acetate to create unplanned, unique outcomes. If the project was extended I would have liked to combine my collage work from the subject material practice with mono-printing as chine-colle, use painting combined with printings and try out using etching to create the drawing as they are. However, i’ll definitely be going back and using techniques I learnt and using print in future projects.

Another part of field I love is the opportunity to have the trip, going on to partaking in workshops related to the outcomes of this, then getting the choice of a material practice to further develop work and gain new skills and inspiration. Also my Ideas became linked between Subject- the sculptural drawings and linear forms – and field, using ideas from the Material Practice collages to develop into fabricated forms and landscapes.


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