Final Prints in Colour

These are the final prints drawn over the coloured printed sheets made previously. I like how different and colourful they have turned out to the monochrome prints I developed at the beginning of the print project.


I wanted to play with space and let the lines over flow the edges of the colour, rather than sticking to square or rectangle pieces and I feel it exaggerates the flow of the drapes fabric that flows over the edges.15387641_10207249364784374_91393679_o-1

This piece I feel didn’t come out as well as the lines aren’t so clear but i’m pleased with the blue lines outgrowing the printed ink.


This is my favourite piece from the whole project, taking away the detailed linear patterns of all the work from subject and field and just using the fabric as the landscape. I was inspired to use red and blue from the Barbara Hepworth sculpture ‘Deep Blue and Red’ (1942), the colours here  creating an eye catching psychedelic feeling to the landscape. I like how i’ve used mixed media with these pieces, using pen over the printed ink, as the lines are sharper than when using monoprinting. I feel all the research from subject and field have all combined to create works that involve all aspects of my work which I am pleased with.


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