Final Pieces for the Material Practice Project: Collage – Painting


This collage combines fabric with the collage of a woman’s’ hand holding fabric, which contrasts to to my other work that doesn’t involve the figure, but here I feel like it accents the grasp on the material, and our connection with fabric in daily life. I left the hand as a sketch to accent the idea of the figure not being the main focus of the painting. I chose to leave this painting without the linear lines as the colours are so strong and I want the shapes to really be clear.


Painting from this collage that was adapted by a student:


I liked using the blue and cream tones, colours I would not usually use. I decided to use the white linear lines to contrast with the previous painting with back lines to add diversity to the finished pieces. I love how this work combines inspiration from Carl Krulls seismograph-like studies, fabric paintings by Ruth Phipps and Alison Watts, and also from the sculptural ideas of Richard Deacons research from the start of the project. All of these join into the idea of an object and how loosely the term can be used within art.


The three finished pieces together as shown in the upcoming Material Project show.


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