Alison Watts

Alison Watts is a Scottish artist who is known for her paintings that show extreme skill and delicacy, starting off with the focus of the figure and then developing into the representation of fabric. I chose to look into her work as she began her work studying the human figures of life models, which is something I’ve had lots of experience in and was planning on doing within this current subject project. I wanted to see how to manipulate drawings of the figure into fabric drawings.

Whilst studying life models, Watts was interested in the folds of fabric and draperies that were used with the models as props which inspired her to use this as a main point of study. She then looked at the absence of the human figure within material, but without removing it completing she leaves an idea of the human figure present in her paintings. These are ideas similar to the ones I experimented with in my collages.

Examples of her material paintings:


Examples of figurative work:

800-3133l15135_8fms9cba38895cef7d621280d7e7336656393watt1336350622917Watt, Alison, b.1965; Cream Head Study

As well as her textile painting, I love these figurative pieces with the greyish tones and sombre moods that I feel create the idea of loneliness and disconnection. As I have a passion for portraiture and the figure I am so excited to have found this artist that has worked with both figure and fabric in ways that intertwine and link to each other. These pieces involve the human body but have a sense of loss or absence, whilst the material paintings also create this feeling with the absence of the human body.


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