Prints related to my Fabricated Landscape Photography

Recently I made this drawing using the photography of material I took, combining drawing style and contours from Subject to the Landscape project with Field. I like the formation of cliff in Pembrokeshire coming through in the composition.


First I simply printed a red inked acetate sheet on to paper as a back ground, and then when dry I used dry point mono-printing to trace over the design.


I kind of like the messiness of the result, and colour really does add to the piece.

Then I looked at the left over plate used for mono-printing and I liked the blurred lines imprinted into the ink so I used that to print with and came out with this.


I think the ghostly affect of the double print is really interesting.

Today I have also create more inked plates to use as backgrounds for my drawings. I started off by trying to create the vibrant colours of air temperature maps, blending red, yellows and greens but It was very difficult and failed. However I did print the result anyway:


After trying to ink up all the colours, it left interesting layers of ink on the surface which I then used to create this backgrounds by rolling acetate onto the ink. I loved the spontaneity of this process and the vibrant colours. I feel it links to the collage workshop i’m doing with the randomised overlaying shapes and patterns.15322350_10207213770814547_991088947_o

I thin did the same with a longer piece of acetate, but as I was rolling the roller over the acetate to print it some ink started to create patterns on the adverse side. This led me to print both sides of the sheet in one process.


I plan to create drawings on these other than prints because I want a neat finish, maybe experimenting with white ink as well on the darker backgrounds.


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