Painting from Collage Project

After adapting another classmates collages, I chose a collage to paint from onto board. I chose this piece as I loved the colours and the overlapping fabric – as well as the fact that the pieces of collage as whole has the affect of it being an object in itself.


The painted adaption in its first level of process:


I was really happy with this piece on its own – having not used paint in a long time an and mainly using monochrome in my work I likes the vibrancy power of the colour. I then placed string over the painting to try out my plan of using contours on top of the piece:


I found this successful, exaggerating the curves of fabric and making it more 3-Dimensional than the flat acrylic paint.

This is the finished piece, using black contour lines to create a dynamic piece that represents sculptural form with harsh lines contrasting with the soft fabric:


I’m very pleased with this piece of art and 2 more pieces are in process for the assessment.


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