Ruth Phipps

Ruth Phipps is a painter from New Zealand who’s main focus in her work is fabric.

She says: “My recent work has continued my exploration of the themes of past and present, memory and intimacy, and the suggestion of human presence and absence through the representation of fabric. Fabric is at the same time personal and universal. We are inextricably tied to it from our first cry to our last breath.”

I haven’t thought about material in this way, the fact that mostly everyone will come in contact with it every day, rely on it to provide warms or clothing etc. I like that I have created my collages and developing paintings in a similar way to Phipps by focusing solely on fabric with the absence of figure. This gives an idea of something hidden or concealed, or something missing. As fabric is mainly used in contact with people, it is interesting to see it represented on its own.

Examples of the artists work:

Like Voices to Remind UsOrigins: BelongingSurrender to the MuseShadows Tread

I love the pieces where the fabric is hung over an object, letting the fabric fall naturally with gravity, creating folds and curves, suggesting the mass and force behind it – similar to the drawings i’ve created recently.

These two coloured pieces use similar colours to a painting i’m currently creating that focuses on one of my collages. I like the close up of the fabric which takes away the whole shape of the object, focusing on the folds and weight of the material.



Collage i’m focusing on similar:



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