Phyllida Barlow – Colour Context

Phillida Barlow is a British artist who is best known for her large scale installations and sculptures. She focuses on form, colour and material and creates work that combines sculpture with collage. She tends to use everyday materials such as cardboard, fabric and plaster to make bold 3-Dimensional collages.

I am interested in her drawings that she creates, sometimes in preparations for sculpture, which work with shape and form as well as vibrant colour. Examples of this work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I find some association to my work in the use of lines to represent the 3-Dimensional form of the subject and the use of harsh black marks. As you can see, the works that involve colour are more eye catching and memorable, the vibrancy making the black push to the surface much more than with white. I love her use of bright yellow and yellow ochre that really catch the eye. I’d like to combine my sculptural drawings with flat, colourful backgrounds to see how this changes the image.


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