Ernesto Artillo – Collaging Context

Ernesto Artillo is an artist, photographer and art director based in Madrid, who has interested me with his collages that combine fashion, texture, photography and paint. His work has a strong focus on aesthetics and colour, as well as drawing attention to the subject and emotion.

Examples of his work:


These combine fashion photography with collages using distorted image and fabric. I love the sense of movement, the clever manipulation of the fabric – blending the subjects with the material and showing a relationship between the two. I’m also interested in added colour to my work based on fabric and these show how it can affect the aesthetic of a piece to become more visually stimulating.

I have ideas for using my own images of fabric/clothing/subjects to create collages- that aren’t random and unpredictable- but are thought out and carefully organised like the ones above. These can then be painting in ways that fully show my interests.


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