Collaging into Painting: Material Practice Workshop

In the new material workshop for Subject, I have create 14 collages using magazines that relate to the work I’ve been doing. I decided to focus on fabric and folds, but also the use of the figure in connection with this.

First eleven collages- originally focusing on interesting shapes with in clothing and fabric, removing the figure, and then combining gestural hands and figurative elements:

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I then decided to look at the subjects removed from the fabric – instead of focusing on the relationship between figure and fabric.

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I then just looked at the figure without the clothing. I really like this idea of negative space, of the surface beneath the limbs not being there.


I feel as though these are my four most successful pieces:

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I think this is because of the colour compositions and the exaggeration of the figures relationship with the clothing. Even in the collage of the trousers that doesn’t contain the body suggests the force of the person beneath the fabric. Also I feel as though some of them represent an emotional connection or feeling, which makes us look at the fabric differently.

My four least successful collages:

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These are pieces I feel didn’t end up with a successful composition. For example the one with the clasped hands contains bright red, blue and green which I feel is too clashing and vibrant. Also, I started the piece with the leaping figures as I loved the flow of the fabric and the movement but once I’d started I found it difficult to collage more parts into it.



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