Further Printing Development

First print of the day: using several different studies, combining the outlines of the landscape and my designed contour lines. I was please with the composition but the paper I used was too damp and resulted in this faded, unclear image. This is part of the process and it is good to develop skill in printing.15086984_10207093881057378_1697832018_n

Here I recreated a recent study that turned out a little better than the previous one. However I have found it difficult to create sharp lines with the process of printing – thinking of new ways to create the designs I have made.15033835_10207093880937375_2037563565_n

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Two pieces using cardboard to slide cross the printing ink creating this textured affect. I wanted to express the curves of the landscape and I found this worked well – giving the prints a depth and complexity between the mark making. I used a paintbrush to scratch the background and represent water and movement in the sea.

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Here I have made pieces that contrast hugely to the previous ones, focusing on my drawings of the peoples silhouettes in the landscape. I use dry point mono printing for these, placing paper over the inked plastic and drawings straight onto it to create an imprint. I like the way it is reversed and can represent original drawings with a white background and black drawings- but it isn’t as neat and clear as the previous process.


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