Development in Drawing

After reading through Space, Form and Vision  Graham Collier I wanted to experiment with the use of contour lines in my work. I have naturally found an interest in fabric at the moment, the folds and creases, the hidden mass of the material- and how to represent these in a visually appealing way. This was came from the interest in Deacons sculpture -Empirical Jungle, the form and negative space within the curves of the sculpture and how gravity pulls or pushes forms.


15049747_10207093881257383_635007313_n-copyHere,  as well as using the same technique as previously – continuous parallel lines to suggest shape –  I have used horizontal contour lines that curve to suggest depth and mass of the fabric. These seem display as floating, dynamic objects which I am really pleased with. I am interested in developing the use of the contour lines into sculpture using string and gravity to let it hang down to represent similar structures to the drawings below.



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