Key Concept Lecture: Object

slide05This is a slide from the recent key note lecture, analysing the object in art and what this means. This point interested me – as I see the truth in it, not everyone will see an object in the same way, there are many angles, lights and depths to an object which are hard to obtain as a whole. However, what I have been doing is trying to understand the object I chose, and explore it inside and out. The work I have been doing is now delving into the mass of objects, learning about the shape so that I can reconstruct drawings that are knowledgeable but creative.slide07

I find I hard to imagine a complete understanding of an object, as there are theoretical, spacial and contextual aspects to study as well as mass, shape, colour, texture, purpose, appearance and artists thought process.. I think this is why they are fascinating as it is hard to fully understand the thing I’m studying. In spite of this I am trying to represent my thought process in the work I am developing to show the way I am viewing objects and the purpose of the work as well as exploring the objects themselves




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