Print Workshop

With the Field project I am now trying out printing as a medium. The first process of print we used was monoprinting. In this first print I wanted to keep at simple and only create the study using a pencil to make marks in the ink, to keep it as a black background with white lines. I used these 3 studies from Pembrokshire combined to create a collage of lines. 14961456_10207033893677731_1472331266_n14958414_10207033894037740_1267524420_n14936943_10207033893957738_707777831_n


This is the finished product. It is reversed so it difficult to see the original studies within it but I like the combination between the singular lines which show the silhouette of a landscape, and the 3-Dimensional shapes of the cliffs. For the space at the top which is the sea, i used a paint brush to create a texture that resembles crashing water. I am excited to produce more pieces in this process, trying out varying mark making technique and maybe even colour.



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