Field Workshop

Here are four studies on one A2 piece of paper of a study I chose from the selection of drawings from Pembroke Shire. I chose this piece as I like the 3-Dimensional affect of the angled lines and the shape of the cliff.14937863_10207033893797734_757651724_n Here the studies are created in pencil, charcoal, a charcoal background with a rubber and black ink. It was challenging using materials I wouldn’t usually but it was interesting seeing the affect a different medium have on a study. Also, I had to question how to recreate it in an effective way with each of the materials, for example shading the sea with the charcoal in the second image. My favourite study is the ink piece on the bottom right – the freedom of the ink running and creating varied thickness in the lines.


We then recreated this four piece drawing in one chosen material – I chose ink – to create a kind of patter.


It was difficult to recreate the shaded parts of the original with the ink as it was fast drying but I like how this activity has create a brand new landscape from the original.


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