Transitional Object

A transitional object is something that we use to create comfort or reassurance, as a child may have a favourite teddy or toy. We still have transitional objects as objects which may take away stress or home-sickness for example. This is something we have been discussing in the constellation lectures.

My chosen object is this necklace I was given from my mum for my birthday, before I left for Uni.



This piece of jewellery has my name engraved on one piece, and my twins name engraved on the other. This has been specially designed for the purpose of reminding yourself of a loved one or representing a strong relationship between two people – Therefor I do use it for the purpose it was created for. However, I have noticed that it would not be my usual choice of jewellery in terms of fashion yet I wear it due to the sentimental aspect of it. In a way this may represent me to some sense – It might not represent me fashion/style wise, but it would emotionally and could suggest a strong relationship within my family.




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