Object Used For An Alternative Purpose

This is a mug I bought from Rhodes when I was on holiday last summer with my twin. I used it as a mug for a long time until I broke the handle – which I’ve glued back together. I now use it as a paint cup for water.

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I originally chose to use this for painting as it was the only accessible thing, but I’ve carried on using it as it reminds me of the holiday I went on. I also like the way that each time I used it the paint has created a ring in the interior of the mug – recording the work I make, and the broken handle too – making this mug a representation of all the things its endured.

This is an example of the way an object may be used by people in a way that is different to what it was intended for. Does this change the whole object completely? Is it now something different because of it being used in that way? There is a theory that an object doesn’t truly become a thing until used so does this mean that the mug is now a paint pot? These are things I am starting to question which is quite interesting.


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