Field – Things Behind The Sun

Pembrokeshire Field Trip

On the recent trip to Pembrokeshire we had the activity of aiming to create 100 small studies of the landscape and our surroundings. Because these had to be quick it made me question how to document what I was seeing, and we only used one implement which kept the work consistent and fast.

I created 85 drawings by the last day and I found I had begun to look at the landscape differently, realising a landscape isn’t just the land and sky it can be the objects around me or the silhouettes of people.

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To start with I found it difficult to create quick drawings when there was so much around me that was fascinating to study but after a while I found it more exciting picking out certain parts to study over and over again to come up with new ideas.

Richard Long has played with the definition of a landscape in this piece ‘A Hundred Mile Walk’. He combines a map of his activity and a piece of text that describes the a walk that he completed across Dartmoor. Does the fact that we picture the landscape he walked through make it a landscape? Does it need to be a clear representation of land and sky or can it be a representation of an experience or feeling the landscape gives us?

A Hundred Mile Walk 1971-2 by Richard Long born 1945


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