Constellation – Stuff: Objects and Materiality

In this new topic we have been questioning our collection of objects and how we rely on them – how we fear to lose them and feel they our important to us. Do these objects define our identity? Or does our identity define the objects we choose? I have started to look at thing in a new way and notice the way in which people interact with things and why.

Also, questioning how society puts in place ‘dress codes’ and social norms of what’s ‘cool’ or ‘fashionable’ and why we do this. Why does our society focus on the buying and selling of these things so strongly and why do we rely on buying as ‘retail therapy’?

This topic is also making me think about the work I make and what it means – is it considered an Object? And if it is then what purpose does it have as a ‘thing’? and what purpose do I want it to have. I am also thinking about most things can be seen as objects which is affecting the way I look at everything around me.



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