2-Dimensional Studies

After thinking about 3-Dimensional sculptural forms, I wanted to see what these shapes would come accross like when made flat. Deacon occasionally combines 3-D work and 2-D work together in his exhibitions and has contrastic aspects in each piece of work which I find is more interesting and stimulating to look at. 

I have created drawings based on Jons original pastel sketches. 

Using these bright colours, like the original pieces, was interesting and has a playful affect. Also, I used lines to connect the edges of the shapes – creating a sense of movement, of the shapes stretching out, as if tangeled in a web. I feel that although these studies are 2-Dimensional they carry a sense of life. I then use block colours with gouache paint:

I also used pen in a similar way to the architectual studies, the lights on the forms being pulled down into the ‘wings’, further exaggerating this movement. :

I have plans of making big coloured sheets of paper cut into these obscure forms, that will coincide with sculptural pieces. 


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