Sculptural Drawings Influenced by Deacon

Recently I revisited ‘Empirical Jungle’ at the museum again to take some more sketches and image. I have taken some close in photographs of the sculpture, focusing in on the interior of the curves, an intimate look into the crevices.

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I have then made some drawings, based on the drawings Deacon created for ‘Beware of the dog’. He uses overlapping lines to create a sense of interference and disturbance, and I wanted to use drawing to create 2-Dimentional drawings that are sculptural.

Here I have experimented with the way a 2-Dimensional study can have the effect of it being 3-Dimension, using a kind of architectural structure to explain the curves of the sculpture.

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They have a sense of chaos but also an organised structure that holds the shapes in place firmly. The lines remind me of a spider web, or of pieces of string over lapping each other. I could expand this into an installation piece?




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