Found object – Hand model

I found this small model of a hand in uni and I wanted to make some sculptures based on it. I like the fact it is broken and discarded but I can now put it to use. As I have been creating work based on another artists makings, it is interesting to work off other objects, take aspects of them here and there to put into my own work.

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Preliminary studies to be worked on 3-Dimensionally

I have made this small maquette of one of these designs. Using inspiration of Jon’s sketches of ‘Empirical Jungle’ and from the piece itself, as well as using the hand as a reference. I found that the weight of the clay dragged down the top of the piece, bending the wrist backwards. I kind of like how this has happened, its given a sense of expression in the hand, of weight pushing down through it, exaggerating the curves.

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