Clay Maquette

I have made my first small model of a sculpture in response to Deacons work. I used little detail in perfection – focused on the twists of the clay and the overall composition.


In many of the artists sculptures, the makings of them are visible in some areas – dripped glue or welded metal, exaggerating the construction of the objects. As I was focusing so much on the front view of this Marquette, the reverse is messy. However, the tangled legs of the sculpture have an interesting affect especially when viewed from the side. To me it gives an idea of tangled limbs, a struggle. I feel this gives this model an essence of life and movement.

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I then worked from this piece and curved the protruding tube around the back of the piece – similar to the plan I made previously. I feel this creates a more graceful form – the limbs of the object twisting and bending around each other searching for space to fit. It feels chaotic but strong in its mass.

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The process of using my hands to shape the clay has been really enjoyable, putting my own force into the material to built the shape. I actually like the hand marks in the clay and the unsmooth texture as it shows the work put into the material.


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