Richard Deacon – ‘I’m a Fabricator’

 I have recently watched two interesting short documentaries on Richard Deacon and his sculptural work.

In this short video he describes himself as a ‘fabricator’ – mentions the concept of creating something made up as well as something constructed. This is the outcome of combining idea and material to create a new form.

In this documentary I found a fascination in the effect of the folded paper sculptures that hang on the walls. As he explains, these pieces started off as large pieces of paper and after folding become much smaller. However this gives the material depth and form, they emit a kind of strength in them, of containing a large amount of mass behind the folds. These are examples of how materials can be manipulated to possess different emotions and personalities within them.

I also found inspiration in the way he has presented three similar ideas in three different ways of construction. There are drawings, paper sculptures and standing forms in this series. They work together but also bounce off each other, the different elements contrasting but linking together to create a room full of visually alluring work. This is something I plan to consider in my work – trying out different forms of making.

Image result for richard deacon drawings

Related image

Related image

Examples of Deacons linear drawings that I’m interesting in and could inform my work with landscape drawings as well as drawings of form in subject.


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