Creating New Forms

I have thoroughly  researching into Richard Deacon through books from the library, and also reading the book ‘The Human Factor’ to think about the figurative element in his work and combining this with my ideas. Here are some small sketches, one is a 3-Dimensional version of Jons charcoal sketch, and one is a combination of shapes found in ‘Empirical Jungle’ and his studies based on it.



I then created a plan for a clay sculpture using this new form. I find that their is a sexual element to the shapes of this study; this was not planned but I find it creates an interesting sense of discomfort and confusion.


I will be making these sketches into paintings and then into sculptures. I am interested in seeing the effect of painting the representation of a sculpture and what effect this will have on the image, and also once I have created a sculpture – to see how this affects a painting of it.

When I made this study, I found it gives of the impression of someone sat down with their legs crossed. I would like to play with this element of it, paint it in fleshy tones and see what effect it has, and to reform the image over and over in different ways that relate to the human figure.


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